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CD-ATR 4113 / LP-ATR 4213
Release: 3 June (UK)
© Vlax Records LDT 2013 under exclusive license to Asphalt Tango Records GmbH

Stand Up, People is an astonishing collection of rare pop songs by Roma Gypsy musicians from Tito′s socialist Yugoslavia, 1960-1980. Combining rootsy gypsy folk rhythms with the new influences of Bollywood film music, Turkish psychedelia and British and American pop-rock, these are the songs of sophisticated artists who were captivated by modernity, but who had not lost sight of the old themes of love, loss, and life on the road.

Lovingly remastered and restored. Available as CD, x2 LP and download.

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“It’s a familiar story: two crazy Brits locate the lost musical legacy of a distant country except here it’s not Ghana or Thailand but former Yugoslavia that provided the quest for forgotten vinyl. The results capture the diversity of Roma music in Tito’s socialist state between 1964 and 1980. Big fat wedding songs are here, along with serpentine clarinets and Balkan brass, alongside less expected influences such as Bollywood choruses and jazzy instrumentals. At the heart of things are soaring, melodramatic vocals by stars like Esma Redzepova and Saban Bajramovic, and Roma history a 1974 paean to “the beauty of Sarajevo” makes poignant listening.” 4/5 STARS — Nigel Spencer, The Observer

“One of the most daring and poignant collections of music to come our way in recent times, Stand Up, People brings together the forgotten love songs, ceremonial hymns and raucous pop dances of the Roma gypsies, whose abiding persecution has shrouded a musical legacy rich in the traditions of migrant Europe.” —The Vinyl Factory

“The music is catchy, seductive and full of fun and comes with fascinating notes and lyrics.”4/5 STARS — Simon Broughton, The Evening Standard

“There are hooks everywhere to reel you in, and it’s easy to hear why this project became such a labour of love for Knox and Morris.” The Wire